Jul 06 2015

New Landmark Group Report

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We recently added a new report based on customer feedback. The new Landmark Group Report allows you to select up to four landmark groups or include all landmark groups.

New Landmark Group Report

The report will calculate the total stop duration, number of stops, and idle duration per vehicle (and driver if available) for each landmark group selected. Any landmark group that is either not selected or stop/idle that falls outside a landmark will be included in the unmarked group. A important thing to note for this report is that if a landmark belongs in multiple groups it will be calculated in both groups. Most competing products don’t allow for landmark groups or for a single landmark in multiple groups.

Example Landmark Group Report

If “include all groups” is selected then all landmark groups will be calculated and the unmarked group will be anything outside any landmark.

If “unmarked only” is selected then only the idle stops outside a landmark will be calculated.

Landmark Group Report Options

One example use of this report would be filtering out acceptable idling activity that takes place at repair locations. It is not uncommon to leave a truck idling for an extended amount of time during servicing. Using the Landmark Group Report to filter this type of idling out of your reporting will make monitoring your overall idling times much more accurate.

We always appreciate our customers’ feedback, and then using that feedback to create new features for everyone to take advantage of. This is a slightly less useful report to most customers, but for some it’s obviously valuable enough to ask us to include, so we did. Our customers are what have made GPS Insight such a leading-edge product and we encourage you to keep the great feedback coming!



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Jun 11 2015

Even GPS Insight Needs to Use GPS Insight

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We recently had a need to research how many GPS tracking devices we were renting within a specific county. We received a property tax audit and decided to use our own product to help look further into the situation. We needed to see how many vehicle and asset tracking devices were currently located in the specific county and then also display each vehicle’s VIN, ESN, and the customer account the vehicle was connected to.

First, we simply searched Google for the specific county and found a KML file to load into GPS Insight. The KML file provided the exact Geofence or boundary around the county:

Example of Downloading a KML file for Orange County, CA

We then were able to load the Polygon Geofence and within a couple hours, our developers helped us single out every vehicle and display them on an internal map with a total count of vehicles currently in that county:

Example Map Displaying Orange County, CA and All Vehicles Within its Boundaries

This allowed us to identify the exact number of devices in service in the county and apply that data to the tax assessment.

It’s great when we are able to use our own product to solve a problem like this. GPS Insight goes far beyond dots on a map and can be used in more ways to solve more problems than you might realize. I hope this use case provides a tangible example of the capabilities of our product and other ways you can use it to solve your business challenges.



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Apr 15 2015

Happy 10th Birthday to GPS Insight!

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Today, 4/15/15, is the 10th birthday of GPS Insight!

GPS Insight 10 Year Anniversary Logo

I “spun off” GPS Insight from my consulting company as its own legal entity 4/15/2005 after about 6 months of development for a single local fleet customer.  I never imagined where the company would be 10 years later.  With the economy as difficult as it was, our only option was to grow and innovate, and it has worked out well for our company as well as employees and customers.

Key growth stats:

Key Growth Stats

My wife was nice enough to remember the “birthday” and send these cupcakes to the office, even though a number of us were at NAFA in Orlando:

Cupcakes for all the staff in the Scottsdale office

I can’t thank our customers, employees, vendors, and many friends in the fleet space for helping us to make this milestone a reality.  We continue to appreciate the advice, comments, and direction we receive continually, and we always use it to further innovate and develop the GPS Insight fleet tracking product.



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Mar 24 2015

New Maintenance Icon for Overdue Service

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We recently added a new icon to the Map Dashlet to show when a vehicle is overdue for service (for whatever you have set in the Maintenance Module).

By default the new icon is hidden. Enable the new maintenance icon by toggling it on here:

New Maintenance Icon for Overdue Service

Now you can easily identify which vehicles are overdue for service because they will have the added wrench symbol overlaid on the icon:

New Wrench Icon Overlaid on Vehicle Icon

You can also see that service is overdue by clicking on the vehicle icon or by running a Service Reminders Report:

Click on Vehicle Icon to Display More Info

Sample Scheduled Service Report

This new feature was based on a customer request. We are always looking for feedback from our customers to improve our product and encourage you to share your thoughts on how we can make GPS Insight work better for your business.



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Feb 17 2015

Garmin Custom Forms Are Now Available

We recently released Garmin Custom Forms, which originated as a customer request, in order to help them integrate unique data based on specific business needs with our fleet tracking solution.

Garmin Device Showing Custom Form

Our customers are now able to design and send their own Garmin custom forms through the GPS Insight portal.

Garmin Custom Form Designer

Drivers can easily complete the forms and take the Garmin device from the cab to record data on-the-spot like a handheld device. The management team back in the office is also able to receive form entries wirelessly from drivers using the Garmin device and analyze the data as it is collected.

You can use Garmin custom forms to expedite billing, identify crew members for payroll, track specific inventory, log pre- and post-trip inspections, and anything which may be helpful to your business.

We continually improve our product in order help customers become more efficient and save more money, and hope this will help all current and future customers with their fleet management needs.

Garmin Forms is available as part of our Enterprise GPS Fleet Tracking offering, and there are various reports and API mechanisms to retrieve and utilize the data which drivers send to HQ via Garmin Forms.




Dec 10 2014

2014 Best Places to Work!

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GPS Insight was recently recognized as a Best Places to Work by the Phoenix Business Journal. We ranked #2 in the small business category (50-99 employees). This award is based solely on the survey results of GPS Insight employees and their thoughts on benefits and perks, corporate leadership, and more.

We are very proud that our employees feel so positively about working at GPS Insight. Everyone has worked very hard over the years to be recognized for our fleet tracking software, and it’s also a great achievement to be recognized as a top place to work in Phoenix. We have seen that happy employees drive our business forward.

Here is a photo of the official award:

This recognition will certainly help us attract more local talent as we plan to continue to grow across all departments in 2015.

Thanks Employees and Phoenix Business Journal!



Nov 17 2014

Playworks Arizona 3rd Annual Corporate Kickball Tournament

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This past Friday, GPS Insight competed in the Playworks Arizona 3rd Annual Corporate Kickball Tournament in Tempe, AZ.

Team GPS Insight at the 3rd Annual Arizona Playworks Corporate Kickball Tournament

Here is a fun video one of our employees made at the event:

Team GPS Insight finished the morning rounds with a dominating 3-0 record which earned them a spot in the championship round as the #2 seed. Unfortunately, we lost to EXOS (a 2-time kickball champion). GPS Insight did however earn a 3rd place finish by beating the Arizona Cardinals team in the final playoff bracket.

This was a great team building experience for our employees and also a great way to contribute to a local nonprofit organization. To learn more about Playworks check out their website.

Next year we hope that the 3rd try will get us the gold!


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Nov 05 2014

New Resizable Dashlet Options for Vehicle Selector (and eventually others)

We added a better option to resize the Vehicle Selector dashlet on your dashboard.

Simply click the edit dashlet (pencil icon) in the upper right-hand corner of the Vehicle Selector. Then locate the new “Dashlet Max Height” option. You now have 5 size choices:

New Dashlet Max Height Option

New Dashlet Max Height Option

  • No Maximum – leaves the dashlet at full height
  • Resizable – allows you to manually resize the dashlet
  • Small, Medium, & Large – various preset height

Once you select your height choice press Apply. Choosing any option will still allow the vehicle list to scroll when your mouse is hovered over the list.

If you choose the resizable option, a gripper image will appear at the bottom of the dashlet.

Resizable Gripper

Resizable Gripper

Clicking on the gripper and dragging it up or down will dynamically resize the height of the dashlet.

Resizing Dashlet Container Height

Resizing Dashlet Container Height

We hope this added option makes using the Vehicle Selector list easier, especially for those with a lot of vehicles. The different dashlet height options will eventually be added to all applicable dashlets.

Let us know if you have any questions about this feature.



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Oct 31 2014

Happy Halloween from GPS Insight

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A lot of GPS Insight staff dressed up for Halloween this year. Happy Halloween to everyone!

GPS Insight Halloween Group

GPS Insight Halloween Group

GPS Insight Halloween Accounting

GPS Insight Halloween Accounting

GPS Insight Halloween Support

GPS Insight Halloween Support

GPS Insight Halloween Sales

GPS Insight Halloween Sales

GPS Insight Halloween Marketing

GPS Insight Halloween Marketing

GPS Insight Halloween Development

GPS Insight Halloween Development



Sep 01 2014

Dispatch Routes to Your Drivers’ Smart Devices

GPS Insight can now dispatch individual stops and/or routes to email addresses associated with vehicles and drivers.  The main advantage here, is that drivers can now leverage audible turn-by-turn directions used by the mapping Apps resident on their smart devices (iPhone, iPad, and Android).  Here is how it works:

In this example, a company that repairs fuel pumps needs to route one of their service trucks to six local gas stations, a typical day’s work.

First, the Dispatcher will create and/or load an existing route using GPS Insight’s Route Dashlet, just as they would for routing to a Garmin device.

The Dispatcher can preview the optimized route (if selected) in standard Google maps by clicking the “Map This” button.

Next, the Dispatcher will scroll to the desired vehicle in using the “Dispatch Pop-Up” window.  Please note that an email address needs to have defined for the driver of that vehicle in Driver Administration.  Then just click “Send.”

An email from GPS Insight will be sent to the driver.  The driver can then click on the applicable link that will automatically open the appropriate mapping app on their mobile device.

And away he or she goes!

With audible cues, fleets can enjoy a safer and more efficient driving experience.  This feature is available to all customers who have access to our Route Dashlet.  We have recently revised this dashlet and are now releasing it first to customers who specifically request it, to ensure any feedback they may have is addressed before releasing it to all customers.



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